This Charleston Ice Cream Brand Makes Delicious Boozy Frozen Treats

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This Charleston Ice Cream Brand Makes Delicious Boozy Frozen Treats

And they deliver right to your doorstep!

If you’re bored with the same old options when it comes to eating ice cream, it’s time to try it with a new and exciting twist. Hardscoop opened its distillery just four years ago in Charleston with the goal of sharing with everyone the most delicious boozy frozen treats.

Imagine a boozy cold dessert made out of freshly sourced ingredients of the highest quality, the perfect balance between taste and buzz. Can you think of anything better?

Their flavors include: 

Butterscotch rum 

Made with the family’s secret butterscotch sauce recipe and a hint of spiced rum flavor.

Sea salt caramel

Local sea salt combines with handmade, small-batch caramel sauce for the perfect salty-sweet balance.

Madagascar vanilla

Made with the most sought-after vanilla in the world and top-notch dairy, this hard ice cream is deep in flavor for rich and creamy spoonfuls.

Cold-brew coffee 

Made with real cold brew coffee from locally sourced beans that are hand-ground and steeped to perfection to achieve that robust endlessly smooth flavor.


Ultra-premium cocoa butter creates a silky smooth, creamy texture and irresistibly rich scoops.

Strawberry sorbet

A sweet and tart sorbet made with whole Carolina Camarosa and Sweet Charlie strawberries, farmed in North Carolina, to provide excellent sweetness and beautiful color. Daily, gluten, and fat-free.

Carolina peach sorbet

A light and fresh sorbet made with fresh South Carolina peaches carefully selected for their abundance of sweetness. Dairy, gluten, and fat-free

You can buy pints of each flavor in many places around Charleston. However, they know there is no place like home, so their ice cream is now available to ship directly to consumers nationwide through their online shop. 

“We’re making it easier than ever for the nation to scoop our specialty alcohol ice cream,” says Jason Kirby, President of Hardscoop. “We crafted the perfect mix of our two favorite things – alcohol and ice cream – for the ideal delectable dessert.” 

Who’s ready for an ice cream party?


Featured photo from Hardscoop.

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