The Gateway Walk: Take A Stroll Through The Heart Of Charleston

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The Gateway Walk: Take A Stroll Through The Heart Of Charleston

The Gateway Walk is the best way to get to know Charleston and its history.

No plans for the week? Enjoy the summer doing the historic Gateway Walk. The path is quiet and has plenty of trees and shade to stay cool on hot days.

The Gateway Walk is an informal trail that goes through the graveyards and gardens of some of the most iconic places in Charleston. Created almost 100 years ago, the Walk started in 1930 organized by the city’s Garden Club and is still very popular. It was designed by Mrs. C.P McGowan, president of the Club, from 1928 to 1930, after being inspired by the beautiful gardens in Paris, France.

Walking through it, you’ll be able to discover some of the Holy City’s hidden corners. The trail is free, open, and welcomes all the public.

To start the secret walk, you have to head to Archdale Street; it officially begins in the churchyard of St. Johns Lutheran Church, followed by the Unitarian churchyard right next door. You then have to cross King Street and Meeting Street, concluding at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church. 


Where: 📍 The Walk starts at St. Johns Lutheran Church 

You can find a map for the walk here. 

Hours: ⏰ Daylight hours. Some sections may be closed at different times during the week.

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