5 Best Charleston Hot Dog Restaurants To Try Right Now

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It’s time to stop thinking about hot dogs as part of the kids’ menu or fast food. There are many spots in Charleston where you’ll find deliciously made hotdogs with the freshest and most original toppings. We’ve made a list of the best Charleston hot dog joints that won’t disappoint. 

Best Charleston hot dog restaurants 

1. Coney Island Hot Wieners Bar 

Coney Island features hot dogs and hamburgers with different toppings and crispy fries. They also spice things up with Monday karaoke! See you there. 

Where: 📍4258 Spruill Avenue, North Charleston 


2. Jack’s Cosmic Dogs 

Jack’s is located on the corridor between Charleston and George Town. Enjoy hot dogs with coleslaw while admiring their interesting space-themed sculptures. Their menu is simple yet classic and tasty. 

Where: 📍2805 N Hwy 17, Mount Pleasant 


3. Johnny’s Hot Dogs 

Get a quick bite on your way to the beach. Johnny’s offers hot dogs with all the toppings you can imagine. Their menu includes coleslaw, spicy mustard, crispy French onions, ranch, chow chow, and celery salt. 

Where: 📍883 Ben Sawyer Boulevard, Mount Pleasant 


4. Brown Dog Deli 

Brown Dog has two restaurants in Charleston. Plan your visit as they usually have a waitlist during the weekends. They feature many types of hot dogs, including options for vegetarians. 

Where: 📍40 Broad Street, Charleston 

📍225 Calhoun Street, Charleston 


5. Skoogie’s 

Skoogies is known as the best hot dog joint around Charleston. Don’t miss the Chicago dog. They feature fresh ingredients that ensure that every bite is a delicious experience. 

Where: 📍840 Coleman Boulevard, Suite C, Mount Pleasant 



Featured image by Hannah Chen from Pixabay. 

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